Over 25 Years of field operation experience, we have a huge knowledge and qualifications that make us to be one of the Competent Safari Company in Kenya. As a locally owned company, in Nairobi, just a few kilometers away from Nairobi National park. We believe in professionalism and work as a team to ensure that every step and destination we move will bring a unique experience to our client so as to make the reality of the dreams. We have multiple language speaking workers, well educated (Guides, Chefs, drivers etc.) knowledgeable with huge field experience that wild TripAdvisor Kenya Safaris will take and guide you through your destination to ensure each moment and adventure is individually complete. Whether you are a higher or lower budget traveler, wild siesta safaris is here to offer you a quality and standard services with standard itinerary as well and as tailor made and customized programs to individual as groups, for luxury lodges or Camping Safaris in Kenya and Tanzania , Mount Kenya, Kilimanjaro or Mount Meru trekking Cultural town programs, student Package and any other safari under the sun.